Puppy Training in Charlotte

Our NC Puppy Training Programs Focus on Prevention Instead of Correction

Everyone loves a cute, cuddly puppy in the house! But no one loves a puppy that is having regular potty accidents in the home, or is not listening to commands, barking incessantly for attention or out of anxiety, nibbling on your fingers or furniture, or refusing to walk on the leash. Speedway Dog Training believes that puppy training is imperative for a puppy to grow into a well-trained, mature dog that stays in their home forever.

Start off on the right paw!

Puppies are essentially a clean slate and they need leadership from their family. Our puppy training program is about positive reinforcement, where your puppy can learn what are appropriate behaviors and how these behaviors can be fun and challenging for them! Unlike the puppy classes you might find at your corporate retail pet stores, we come to you and your puppy in their most familiar environment – the house. We set things up in the home so that your puppy can succeed and that you as the owner can manage a practical training schedule and routines that you and your puppy can follow.

For those thinking a group puppy class would be more beneficial for your puppy because of the socialization aspects attached to it, take note that while a puppy can do well in this type of environment, not all puppies necessarily will. We believe that socialization is important for a puppy, but immediately pushing a puppy in a possibly chaotic and unfamiliar atmosphere might cause more harm than good. This is why we start off at your puppy’s home, and then once the communication between owner and puppy is built, we then counsel you on the best ways to introduce your puppy to new people, animals, environments, etc.

Socialization & Desensitization

Not only will we guide you on socialization and desensitization techniques for your puppy, but we will cover some of the crucial basics, such as housebreaking, crate training, leash walking, basic commands, and preventing excessive or anxious behaviors (ie: destructive chewing, separation anxiety, inappropriate nipping, etc.). All puppies can experience a few, if not all of these behaviors, and we will work on EVERY one that you want addressed!

Now Let’s Get Started 

If you live in the Charlotte area and are ready to sign your puppy up for success, call us at 704.741.2880 to schedule your first appointment, or write us using our contact form!