In-Home Dog Training

Charlotte In-home Dog Training Programs – Best Dog Training In North Carolina!

Why consider in-home training for your dog? Speedway Dog Training primarily offers in-home training because we want YOU as the owner and pet parent to be involved in your dog’s success! In-home training also gives you and your dog privacy, and special one-on-one training, where your dog receives all the necessary focus and attention he/she needs. Additionally, it gives owners the knowledge and power to handle their own dog and set them up for long-lasting behavioral progress!

Why In-Home?

While we do offer group training classes from time to time, we understand that not every dog might thrive in this type of environment, particularly those with severe issues. There’s also the board-and-train route that many people like to take, but there are high risks with a board-and-train program, particularly where the dog is not learning in their familiar environment and from their familiar people. There’s also the chance of a behavioral relapse and owners not be given the proper instruction on how to maintain the training once the dog returns home.

To ensure long-term results, Speedway Dog Training has different in-home training programs for all types of behavioral problems and training goals. We want to dedicate our services to you and your dog in your most comfortable environment (YOUR house!) and gradually reintroduce outside distractions and triggers, once the basic foundation has been laid down.

In-home training can be used to beat any behavioral problems your dog is experiencing, but it is especially helpful with the following issues:

Housebreaking: we will teach your dog that your living room is not a toilet, by building the right, positive associations with outside or any designated area (ie: puppy pads, if desired).

Anxiety: we can help your dog if he/she is barking, crying, destructive chewing, escaping, or exhibiting any nervous or fearful behaviors.

Aggression: in response to any stimuli, if your dog is biting, snapping, growling, or lunging, we will take care of this serious behavior!

Hyperactivity: we will find a way to drain your dog’s excess energy in a more productive manner with our training, so that there will be no jumping, attention demanding, or any excessive behaviors, such as barking, chewing, digging, etc.

Unreliability: one of the most important things a dog should be able to do is follow their owner’s response, and demonstrate recall. If your dog does not come when called, or you need to tell them more than once to perform a command, we can build your dog’s reliability immediately!

How to Get Started

To learn more about our in-home dog training programs and whether or not it is the right fit for your and your dog, give our office a call at 704.741.2880, or fill out our contact form with all you and your dog’s necessary information.