Dog Training for New Parents

Cribs & Canines

Those pet parents who are looking to bring in a baby son or daughter into the world have a lot to think about. While babies are bundles of joy, they will, without question, disrupt a lot of things in the normal household schedule and routines. These inevitable changes will also affect the family dog, and in many cases, the dog will not know how to adjust.

This is why Speedway Dog Training offers Cribs and Canines, a dog training program for expecting parents looking to make the transition for their dog and the rest of the family smoother when the new baby arrives into the world. We will not only show you how to acclimate your dog to a new baby in the home, but to the idea of little Junior before the baby even is born!

How does this program work?

Cribs and Canines will address all of your concerns regarding your dog’s behavior and the possible behaviors that may arise when introduced to a new baby. Speedway Dog Training’s owner/trainer, will recreate a new consistent structure that will include your new baby and the dog. Using reward-based methods, Brittany will cover basic obedience and manners, but will also help your dog become more accustomed to specific situations that revolve around the baby, such as walking politely and calmly with a stroller, or behaving when all of the attention that was once on the dog, is now directed toward the baby. Your dog will also become desensitized to the sounds a baby might make, and we will make sure your dog knows that he/she must not cross certain boundaries with the baby (ie: no running, jumping, or ANY playful nipping when the baby in crawling on the floor, sleeping in their crib, or being held by the parent. Everything we do will work toward preventing any mild or serious issues from forming, including severe anxiety, depression, or aggression.

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While an expecting parents dog training program, Cribs and Canines can also exist current parents that are seeing some problems between their dog and their baby/child. If you think you, your dog, and your baby will benefit from the Cribs and Canines dog training program, call us at 704.741.2880, or fill out our contact form here!