Charlotte Aggressive Dog Training

Charlotte Aggressive Dog Training Programs – Change is Possible!

Aggression is a serious, frustrating, and often frightening issue. While an aggressive dog might seem like a hopeless case, where the owner will simply have to live with it, that is actually NOT the case!

Speedway Dog Training offers aggressive dog training because this can be one of the most life-threatening issues, not only for the dog, but for others as well! Our trainer understands that the main reason dogs end up surrendered is because of behavioral issues. Aggression could lead a dog out of their home and into a shelter, and with some unfortunate cases, some aggressive dogs end up euthanized rather than being treated for these actual trainable issues. Brittany wants to make sure all dogs overcome their behavioral problems, including aggression, and that they remain with their family and in their forever home.

Why work with us?

Brittany of Speedway Dog Training is often the go-to trainer for many aggression cases.

She has dealt with and succeeded in helping dogs and their families combat the following types of aggression:

  • Fear
  • Dog
  • Human
  • Child
  • Food/Toy/Resource Guarding
  • Leash
  • Sibling
  • Territorial

Our aggressive dog training is successful because we show YOU as the owner how to effectively communicate with your dog on what is right and what is wrong. You will become an expert handler on your dog and your dog will learn to cooperate with you, not out of fear or negotiation/bribery, but rather through the building/rebuilding of mutual trust and respect. We start off coaching you and your dog through the basics of handling and obedience, and then confront the major aggression issues at hand so that we increase your dogs chances of understanding and succeeding.

If your dog is showing mild signs of aggression, please don’t take it lightly!

While seemingly nothing at first, this mild aggression could potentially escalate to something far more unmanageable and dangerous. Let us help you prevent worse problems from arising and to show your dog how to well-behaved! For dogs that have existing severe aggression, we can still help! We have met with many owners who have tried trainers in the past and either the results were not there, or in some cases, the trainer refused to work with the dog. We will not turn down any dog, nor will we EVER suggest that you re-home your dog, or euthanize them due to behavioral issues. We are here to help you and your dog defeat these issues, and we will work with you until the job is complete!

Get Started Today!

We believe change is possible, even in some of the most dire or hopeless-looking cases. Aggression is a serious problem, but we can overcome it together so that you and your dog live a good life together, stress-free and without any scary, humiliating, or bloody incidents. To learn more about our aggressive dog training and rehabilitation, call us at 704.741.2880, or send us a message using our contact form!