Training Programs in Charlotte

Our Dog Training Programs

In the greater Charlotte area, Speedway Dog Training offers different dog training programs for any family seeking obedience or behavior modification training. There’s no limit on age, breed, or even behavioral issue – Speedway Dog Training is ready to set you and your dog up for success! We understand that every dog is different; therefore, there are several training options available that are customized and catered to the specific problems and needs of our clients. Speedway Dog Training’s methods and philosophy has its foundation in a solid program of obedience training that provides the starting point for addressing all of your dog’s behavioral problems.

We Get Results

At Speedway Dog Training, we don’t work with our clients to just manage their dog’s behavioral issues, but rather, we work toward eliminating the inappropriate behaviors while also introducing a better, more rewarding alternative for the dog to adopt. In every case, training commences after the owner meets with Brittany for an initial, obligation-free consultation, where she learns more about the dog’s lifestyle, what needs to be fixed, and consequently, she devises a reward-based, customized training structure for the client and dog. If the client agrees they are a match, then Brittany works with the client and dog together, until the training goals are fully met!

Private, Fully Customized Training Programs

Training will always begin at home so that the dog can acclimate to the training regimen and have better chances of succeeding in a controlled environment. Once there is progress, Brittany then takes the client and dog to other environments, such as parks or their vet’s office, so that this will further challenge the dog and build their reliability. This instills confidence in the dog, and also allows the owner to have a well-behaved dog both in the home, and outside of it!

    Get Started

    If you’re in Charlotte and your dog is ready for some behavioral changes, give Speedway Dog Training a call and we’ll get you set up immediately! Our office can be reached at 704.741.2880, or write us an email with all your dog’s information using our contact form.

    Remember, Speedway Dog Training thinks all dogs can succeed…and we will make it happen! Change is possible, so if you are considering giving up, please give us a call first so we can keep you and your fur baby together forever!