Why Dog Training Should Be Fun

Mean. Annoying. Too much work. Intimidating. Not fun.

These are some descriptors that people use when they imagine what training their dog will be like. It doesn’t matter how badly behaved the dog may be, there are some dog owners who think enrolling their troubled dog in a dog training program might be “too hard” or “being mean” to the dog.

The truth is this: if you think your dog’s training is going to mean, boring, too much work, or whatever…then your dog will think the same thing and not be successful in training or overcoming any behavioral issues they’re experiencing.

Speedway Dog Training Charlotte NC makes dog training fun!The truth is this: training can help your dog be a happy, successful dog for the rest of their life with you. AND, the truth is that dog training should actually be fun and enjoyable for both dogs and owners!

With our Charlotte dog training, we train your dog AND you. As a dog owner and parent, you will gain the necessary handling and communication skills to set your dog up for behavioral success and overcome any mild or severe behavior issues. It’s not about having your dog fail and making your dog feel like a prisoner (and you as the prison guard), but instead, showing your dog how to make better choices and get rewarded for them. Through structure and consistent leadership, your dog will learn to trust you more and ENJOY the training that ends with EVERYONE being rewarded.

Dog training is hard work, of course, and we always tell our clients that it will be hard work, but that our Charlotte dog trainer will also help them accomplish their training goals as long as it takes. Dog training can only be successful through consistency, and our Charlotte dog trainer will guide you on how to create routines for you and your dog, and how to be consistent with your rewards and your boundaries.

Dog training should be a bonding experience for owner and dog, while also tackling any behavioral issues the dog may be demonstrating. It doesn’t have to be something that you and your dog dread…it should be something to look forward to and something that fulfills you and your dog’s lives. Our Charlotte dog training aims for nothing less…BOTH our dogs and clients leave positively changed and happier!

If you’ve dealt with mediocre or unhelpful dog training before, then call us to get the best Charlotte dog training. Our offices can be reached at 704.741.2880 or e-mail us using our contact form.