We Don’t Train Robots

Speedway Dog Training has a goal of creating a well-behaved dog, not a robot. Our goal for training dogs in the Charlotte area is to give dog owners the knowledge and skills they need to change their dog’s behaviors for the better. We emphasize putting you in the leading position for training because, after all, your dog doesn’t need to behave for us; they need to behave for you.

Charlotte dog training programs for dogs of all breeds!

A trained dog can be taken anywhere!

Here are some aspects of what we call “robot dog training” which are opposed to our 27-year-old training philosophy that has countless success stories filled with happy dogs and owners:

  1. Lack of choices – Some methods don’t allow dogs to make choices in their behaviors. These methods control the dog’s environment to the point of it being unnatural. When the dog is put in a normal environment they don’t know what to do because they’ve learned without the natural factors that come into play in the everyday world. Our training focuses on choices in a different way. We use a rewards-based program that teaches dogs that making the right choices leads to reward; we teach dogs to make the right choices in any given situation by changing the way they think, not by changing the things they’ll encounter.
  2. Consequences for undesired behavior – Methods that create a negative environment for a dog through punishing for undesired behavior are not fun for the dog or anyone involved. Our rewards-based method focuses on the positives and rewards good behavior. We teach you how to interact with your dog in a consistently positive and productive manner even in the most challenging of training situations.
  3. Only one person can handle the dog, and utilizes both of the aspects of training above – Any dog trainer should be able to make a dog behave while working with the dog directly. The fact of the matter is your dog needs to behave when they’re with you. Our training centers on making you the trainer for your dog, and this is our most important goal.

Our in-home training consists of taking your unique situation and crafting a customized program that addresses your needs specifically. There is not a one-size-fits-all program that will take your specifics into account, it’s impossible, everyone is different. We have experience training dogs of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds. No dog’s behavioral problems have ever proven too tough for our trainers to resolve. No dog is a lost cause! 

Don’t get stuck with a trainer who will lead you down the road of treating your dog like a robot. We know that they are so much more than that. They deserve individual attention and individual solutions to their behavioral problems and all of it done in the most positive and productive way possible. Give us a call at 704.741.2880 to discuss our training further. Our behavioral specialists are standing by to listen to your story and explain how our training will help you. Feel free to contact us via our contact form as well.