We Can Solve ALL Forms of Aggression 

Ah…A sensitive subject to many if not all dog owners – aggression. It comes in many forms and can be tough to address, especially when we love our dogs so much. Just like any other problems in life, facing aggression head-on is the way to go, and can even be more beneficial to sort through earlier on than later.

Our Charlotte dog training programs will get your dog's aggression under control right away!What types of aggression are there?

  • Dominance aggression: This type of aggression is primarily from a dog’s genetic makeup or lack of structure and guidance. If a dog is continually successful at being aggressive, the more of this it will become. A nervous owner will transmit these feelings of nervousness through things like a change in vocal tone – Triggering a dog to take control.
  • Fear/Nervous aggression: This is a learned aggression, typically triggered by being fearful of a situation and uses this aggression as a defense. Signs of a fearful or nervous dog include intense pacing, irregular barking, and even nipping and growling.
  • Protective/Territorial aggression: Forms of this type of aggression can be seen in a mother being protective over her pups, protectiveness over family members, territory, food, toys, space, etc.
  • Dog on dog aggression: This can be seen when dogs become aggressive towards other dogs, whether they know them or they do not.
  • Leash aggression: This form of aggression takes place when a dog is restrained on a leash, this can be towards dogs, people, moving objects, etc. Some dogs are totally fine when off the leash, but the moment they are on leash they become highly reactive.
  • Sibling aggression: A good example of this aggression is if two dogs that normally co-exist peacefully get into a confrontation. Dog A is playing with her chew toy. Dog B approaches non-aggressively. Dog A barks and growls to get Dog B to back off. Dog B backs off. Dog A is back to happily chewing her chew toy.

How can we solve dog aggression issues with our aggressive dog training program? We correct the type of aggression by avoiding situations that would provoke this type of undesirable behavior until the underlying issue(s) have been addressed. A dog owner would desire that their dog looks to them for everything it wants. Aggressive behavior from our dogs is not something that we want, therefore we will exude this to our dogs. Another thing to pay attention to is deciphering the difference between bribing and rewarding dogs with treats – This will cut out any room for nervousness or confusion from a dog owner, ultimately eliminating an opportunity for dog to take control. Simple solutions require layers of peeling back and rebuilding – That is what we are here for!