Does Your Dog Have Aggression Problems? We Can Help! 

Aggression in dogs is a tricky issue, and it is a very scary one as well. It can come in many forms: territorial, dog, human, child, food/resource guarding, cat, sibling, etc. The aggression can also be easily targeted, but some dogs can also be unpredictable with their aggression. It is one of the most serious behavior problems for dogs, and without treatment or training, the dog can end up biting themselves into a bad situation, such as in a shelter or in line to be euthanized. Aggression can kill a dog and destroy families (the dog’s family and others).

Speedway Dog Training Charlotte - Aggression Issues Can be Solved!Because aggression is such a severe problem, many people automatically believe that it is something that remains with a dog for a lifetime. I’ve heard people say about biting dogs: “Once they’ve had a taste of blood, there’s no turning back after that.” While aggression can take A LOT of time and work, this statement is a bit dramatic and makes it seem like it is impossible for a dog to overcome aggression. In reality, change can happen, even with an aggressive dog!

Whatever type of aggression your dog may be experiencing, we can help, whether it’s mild or severe. My Charlotte aggressive dog training is in-home because we want to initially work in an environment where the dog might feel the most comfortable, and more importantly, where we can control the distractions and problem-causing stimuli. We not only eliminate the symptoms of the aggression (i.e.: growling, biting, lunging, barking, snapping, etc), but we also address the root of the problem (i.e.: fear, anxiety, lack of leadership from the owner, zero positive associations, etc). We cover the basics because often times those are lacking and contributing to the severe aggression, and then we confront the more serious issues after so that the dog is more prepared to overcome them at that point.

Commitment and consistency is absolutely essential to finding success for your aggressive dog. Do not expect this to be an overnight miracle, or something that can be done with a set deadline. Every dog is different and with serious issues like aggression being part of equation, this could take a lot of time and effort. But our dogs are worth it because we as people are not the only ones who deserve a chance of peace and happiness…our dogs deserve it as well! My role as a dog trainer in Charlotte is to help any dog, including those with aggression, find behavioral balance and to bring harmony to the home for both dog and owner. My goal is to keep dogs in home, not for them to be sent back to shelters or to be condemned to death for a behavior problem that CAN be treated!

If you are interested in my aggressive dog training program, give me a call at 704.741.2880. Don’t wait until things escalate and your dog has two out of three strikes against them! Get the help NOW…call us or write us using our contact form!