Any Breed of Dog Can Be Trained

While working with another trainer, we talked about how certain dog breeds can gain more scrutiny when it comes to behavior training, while others might get a pass, despite how problematic their actions may be. Bigger dogs usually get more attention, as they can cause more damage (i.e.: accidental scratches from jumping, more physical harm from bites, knocking someone over due their excitement and strength, etc). Some might think breeds like Pit Bulls, Dobermans, Chows, or Rottweilers MUST receive training no matter what, just because their breed is deemed “dangerous” to some unaware folk. Dogs that might be smaller, or “toy breeds”, can get more leniency with overly excitable, anxious, or even aggressive behaviors, because of their size.

This month's Charlotte Dog Training Blog is about how all breeds can be trained, it's just a matter of having the right tools! The truth: ALL dogs can and should get training. If you get a puppy from a breeder or rescue a dog from the shelter, training can set them up for success and help them transition into their life with you, preventing behavior issues from developing in the first place. If your dog comes with some behavioral problems, training can help combat those, giving you and your dog a chance to eliminate any anxiety and instead, build a happy life together.

Smaller dogs can get training too. Their “yappy” behavior isn’t something that’s genetic, or something that has to be accepted because of their size. That type of behavior is a sign of underlying issues that the dog has to overcome. It’s not just for the convenience of the owner, but it’s giving the small dog an opportunity to be happy and live a calmer, more peaceful life that’s not ridden with anxiety.

Any dog of any breed can be trained, and age doesn’t make a difference either! A puppy can be just as easy or as difficult as a senior dog. Any dog of any age can learn something new…it only takes consistent work and patience from the owner. A dog needs leadership and if the owner can guide a dog on what the expectations are and what the better behaviors are, a dog can be behaviorally successful, no matter what size, age, breed, or temperament!

If you’re seeking in-home dog training that works, call us! We do not discriminate against any breed, and will take any dog with any behavior issue! If you’re committed to getting your dog trained, call us at 704.741.2880!