Meet Our Expert Charlotte Dog Trainer

Brittany Mielcarek – Owner/Head Trainer

From a very young age, Charlotte dog trainer Brittany Mielcarek knew she was destined to work with animals. While she enjoys trick training for the bond building between owner and dog, behavior was something that Brittany felt she could master and further strengthen the human-canine relationship even more.

Before forming Speedway Dog Training, Brittany worked in animal rescue, which motivated her to help keep animals out of shelters and off the streets. Over the last several years, she has worked in veterinary medicine (including emergency) as a dedicated technician. Brittany continues to be involved in volunteer work, particularly those that involve building the community and helping animals.

She also has experience working with wild animals (mountain lions, bobcats, black bear, etc.) and had the opportunity to do training/enrichment for those species and more! Brittany whistle/glove trained and hand raised American Kestrels (a small raptor species) and target trained a North American Beaver.

Learning about Canine Trade Group, Brittany decided to undertake the intensive trainer course so that she could take her animal rescue to a whole new level. Through heavy study on behavioral science, along with hands-on practicums involving rescue dogs, Brittany became certified as a professional dog trainer and ever since then, she has been helping dogs find behavioral success and their forever homes in the Charlotte area!

When you speak to Brittany, she will come to your home, discuss in-depth what the issues and training goals are, map out a customized training plan, and commit to you until the job is done! No dog is too much for Brittany, and she will work with any committed owner that wants their dog to succeed. Brittany utilizes reward-based methods for your dog’s training, so that he/she can learn the appropriate behaviors and then choose these positive behaviors on their own. She is a firm believer in allowing the dogs to make the right decisions without us using dominance or bribery. Brittany also wants to make sure that the owner is part of their dog’s growth, and will guide not only your dog, but you so that you can learn how to handle and reward your own dog!