Learn About Speedway Dog Training

Speedway Dog Training is owned by Brittany Mielcarek, who can not only help your dog with basic obedience and manners, but also with any serious behavioral issues your dog might be experiencing, such as severe anxiety or aggression. Brittany is a member of Canine Trade Group, which allows her to be in constant contact with veterinarians, dog behaviorists, and other dog care professionals, so that she has the most advanced and modern information on dog training techniques and approaches.

Many of the inquiries that Speedway Dog Training receives are those coming from owners that are at their wit’s end with their dog’s problematic behavior. Anxiety is one of the main causes of behavioral problems for dogs, and Brittany always works to eliminate this root issue, so that not only will your dog be obedient, but also relaxed and happy! Anxiety can cause multiple problems such as destructive behavior, potty accidents, and even aggressive behaviors. Many dog trainers will refuse to work with an aggressive dog, but Brittany is ready to help you and your dog combat this potential life-threatening issue!

The following list consists of the many types of behavioral problems we see and overcome with our clients every day:

  • Aggression: fear, dog, human, leash, sibling, child, food, toy/resource, cat, etc.
  • Anxiety: separation from owner, crate/confinement, new places, etc.
  • Excessive behaviors: barking, chewing, digging, jumping, counter surfing, general hyperactivity, etc.
  • Poor or lack of obedience: commands, recall (“Come” when told), distraction training, leash behavior, greeting guests, general impulse control, etc.

If your dog is exhibiting any of the above behaviors, don’t hesitate and wait for things to escalate or get worse! Get your dog on the path to success where he/she can be behaved…and happy about it! Speedway Dog Training specializes in those behaviors that many would consider “untrainable” or where these behaviors would mark a dog as “impossible” or “hopeless”. Change is possible and we don’t believe any dog is doomed to be anxious or disobedient forever. Throughout all of the training experience Speedway Dog Training has accumulated, there has yet to be a dog whose behavioral problems we could not fix.